Additional Products

Cabot Stains

We carry a full line of Cabot exterior stains at our Durham NC paint store. Our staff would love to assist you in finding the right Cabot exterior stain for your siding, fence, deck or any outdoor space. Ask us how we can help you find your perfect deck stain.

Virtual Deck Consultations are available with Facetime or other means. Reach us by Text - (919) 748-4400. We can help trouble shoot and recommend prep procedures. Then we can deliver your Cabot stains to your residence with and accessories or cleaning products needed.

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Scuff-X is the most revolutionary interior paint available. The Scuff-X Paint resists scuffs and marking from the use and abuse of a high traffic environment. NC Paints Durham will be delivered to the back door of your hotel, school or any commercial facility.

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Sikkens Stains

Sikkens Exterior Stains are available at our NC Paints Durham paint store. We carry Cetol Dek line, Cetol SRD and Door and Window Sikkens products. These Sikkens exterior stain and clear finish products are premium paint products. Please call the paint store at our Durham location for additional question about Sikkens stains products.

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Bungalow 47 Furniture Paint

Our Bungalow 47 furniture paint is available in 50 color combinations, with a clear primer and clear finish also available in the product line. This chalky paint product is comparable to other popular brands and available at our NC Paints Durham paint store. This furniture paint is perfect to bring life back into an old piece of furniture or add the faux finish you have always desired. Please give us a call with any questions.

Do you have a project you would like to do? We can provide the product if you work with us to create a video and pictures of the prep and painting process so we can share here on our website and on social media platforms.

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Corona Brushes

The Highest Quality Brushes Available

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