Extend Your Exterior Painting Season With Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints at NC Paints Durham

Select Exterior Paints Can Be Applied at 35 degrees and resist rain 90-120 minutes after application

Benjamin Moore exterior paints and stains are designed for use all year in our mild North Carolina climate. Benjamin Moore and the fine people in the product development have formulated select exterior paints to offer painters the ability to get the most out of the exterior painting season.

Regal Select Moorgard (Low Lustre) and Moorglo (Soft Gloss) can be applied at 35 degrees. Regal Select Exterior is a 100% acrylic-fortified with advanced alkyd technology offers superior adhesion, even on chalky substrates. Superior flow and leveling provides ample open time for detailed jobs such as doors, trim and shutters.

Ben Exterior Low Lustre and Soft Gloss can also be applied at 35 degrees and will resist rain 90-120 minutes after application. Ben Exterior is one of our best selling exterior paints because of the value provided as our entry level paint with primer exterior paint.

Check the Moisture Level

Another factor to consider when painting exteriors and even interior surfaces is the moisture level. The acceptable level of moisture is 15% or less for exterior surfaces. An in expensive moisture meter can help in avoiding problems especially during winter when the exterior painting season comes and goes based on the day and weather conditions.

New wood decks can create problems when the stain is being applied to a substrate with over 15% moisture. New pressure treated wood will be very wet and a curing time of 6-12 months is recommended to allow the new wood to accept paint and stain uniformly without future issues.

An inexpensive moisture meter runs $30-50 and is available for sale at NC Paints and hardware stores. Thermal imaging cameras are expensive but can be very helpful in chasing leaks and informing the contractor where the moisture is coming from.  

Properly Clean Surfaces Prior To Painting

Primer does not kill mold! I don’t care what the label says. Mold must be killed with the appropriate solution and washed or wiped off. Dirt must also be removed prior to painting. Just the basics but stay safe and enjoy the exterior painting project. Try to enjoy the falling leaves and our beautiful North Carolina fall and winter weather.

If you have any questions about our exterior paints or how to prep your surface, please call our experienced NC Paints Durham staff at (919) 471-0330. We will be happy to assist you!

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